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£40,000 Corona crisis fund mobilised

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Ferry Farm Community Solar has allocated £40,000 to a Coronavirus Crisis Fund to support organisations helping those in the local community facing hardship due to pandemic and shut down.

The enterprise is in a strong financial position and its incomes and operations are not significantly impacted by the lock down. There is an immediate and urgent need to support those facing hardship due the Coronavirus outbreak, lock down and likely recession. The community has mobilised a support network and funding is urgently needed to support both the support network and the households they are helping.

Three initial awards totalling £17,500 have already been made in the first week of the lock down:

  • On the day the schools were shut down, a donation of £1,500 was made to the Academy Selsey to pay for a subscription to an online library to enable students to access contemporary reading materials whilst stuck at home.

  • £6,000 has been provided to Selsey Community Forum, who are co-ordinating the Corvid Mutual Aid network for Selsey and Sidlesham. £1,000 of this is to contribute to the cost of running the network and £5,000 is an initial contribution to a crisis fund for families facing financial difficulty. This funding will be provided directly to families in need to cover short-term crisis cash needs.

  • £10,000 has been allocated to Chichester Food Bank to support its operation in Selsey and Sidlesham.

This leaves £22,500 remaining in the fund. This will be allocated on an as needed basis, with applications being considered weekly.

Please get in touch with Ben Cooper if you have ideas on how we could help. An application form for the Coronavirus Crisis fund can be downloaded form the documents page.

07792 631 940

Selsey Corvid Mutual Aid budddy Naomi Taite ready to distribute leaflets to local residents

"On behalf of Chichester District Foodbank I would like to thank Ferry Farm Community Solar for your grant of £10,000 to help sustain the work of Chichester District Foodbank to feed those who are in crisis. This donation will make a real difference as we face very uncertain times due to the coronavirus." Joanne Kondabeka, CEO Chichester Food Bank.


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