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Retrofit Surveys

Ferry Farm Community Solar can offer funding for energy efficiency surveys also known as 'retrofit surveys', targeting homes, schools, and community buildings in Selsey and Sidlesham.

1. Domestic Retrofit Surveys

Ferry Farm Community Solar Coop can offer 50% funding for ‘Ecofurb Plans’ to help local households understand their options for making their homes cosier, healthier and more energy efficient!

What's an Ecofurb plan?


Partnering with the National Energy Foundation, we will cover 50% of the cost for 20 Ecofurb Plans for households in Sesley and Sidlesham. Plans cost around £600 per house so you will need to contribute £300. It's an audit of your home’s energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions and an assessment of the things you could do to make it warmer, healthier and more energy efficient. Recommendations will range from little steps to major renovation. It will help you understand the upfront costs, future savings and practicalities of getting it done.


It’s not just a pile of paper; the assessor will take the time to talk to you to understand your needs and concerns and help you develop a realistic plan. The assessor can provide ongoing support getting quotes and managing contractors if required (for an additional cost).

What does an Ecofurb assessment cover?


Windows and draft proofing


Insulation and building fabric improvements

Heating system

Renewable energy options


Who might benefit from an Ecofurb assessment?

  • Home owners about to embark on a renovation

  • Home owners looking to invest now to save money in the future

  • Landlords needing to meet minimum energy efficiency requirements

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2. Community Retrofit Surveys

 Ferry Farm Community Solar can offer full funding for ’Energy Feasibility Reports’, to help schools and community buildings understand how to reduce their bills and enhance their comfort, health, and energy efficiency.

What's an Energy Feasibility Report?


Partnering with Salvis, a top energy management consultancy, we will cover the full cost of community retrofit surveys in Selsey and Sidlesham. Conducted by skilled Retrofit Consultants, these reports will deliver comprehensive plans tailored to the specific needs of your building.

An Energy Feasibility Report is essentially an audit of your building’s energy consumption, running costs, and carbon emissions. Salvis will review a building's current performance and develop an action plan for cost-effective ways to optimise building systems, reduce costs, and carbon emissions. By installing a variety of energy-saving measures, the goal is to enhance warmth, improve health, and reduce environmental impact. The Consultant will take the time to discuss and review proposals, understand your priorities and concerns and develop a realistic plan tailored to the specific needs of your building.

What's does an Energy Feasibility Energy Feasibility Report cover?

Overview of existing installed systems

Insulation and building fabric improvements

LED Lightning and control 

Renewable energy options

Heating system

Windows and draft proofing

Follow-up: Solar Soft Loans

After conducting retrofit surveys, we’ll look to follow-up by offering solar soft loans to support energy-efficient upgrades. This funding model aims to install solar panels in schools and community buildings without the upfront costs. This support is particularly beneficial for organisations that lack funds to implement recommendations from the Energy Feasibility Reports.​

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