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Energy services and funding
for Selsey & Sidlesham

Ferry Farm Community Solar is a not-for-profit organisation. We invest surplus income (after operating and finance costs) into projects and services which help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in Selsey and Sidlesham. 

Small Grant Fund

£20,000 is allocated each year to a small grants fund, administered by Selsey Community Forum. We fund local community-led projects under the following key themes: 

  • Energy

  • Environmental Education,

  • Climate Change Readiness,

  • Wildlife.

Net Zero Schools

We help schools go net-zero with funded audits, carbon reduction plans, subsidised loans, and grants for energy projects. In addition, we provide support for environmental and energy-related educational initiatives.

Energy Advice

We support an energy advice service delivered by Selsey Money and National Energy Foundation. It helps local households access energy bill relief funding, support energy supplier disputes and identify and fund energy efficiency measures that could make a long-term difference.

EV Charging

We're interested in supporting the uptake of community EV charging in Selsey & Sidlesham. Get in touch if you know of a suitable location to provide charging for those who may not have domestic access to charge points.

Solar Soft Loans

We want to help community organisations and schools spend less money on energy bills and more on the things that matter! Our Solar Soft Loans support local organisations in funding rooftop solar panels, LED lighting, energy efficiency upgrades and energy audits.

Sussex Kelp Recovery Project

Ferry Farm Community Solar has provided funding to Sussex Kelp Recovery Project (SKRP). As part of the project SKRP will be hosting talks and events in the local area. Please get in touch if you would like to host an event.

Funding for retrofit surveys: homes, schools and community buildings

Ferry Farm Community Solar can offer funding for energy efficiency surveys also known as 'retrofit surveys', targeting homes, schools, and community buildings in Selsey and Sidlesham.


Full funding for retrofit surveys on schools and community buildings

Partnering with Salvis, Ferry Farm Community Solar can provide full funding for retrofit surveys to help schools and community buildings in their journey towards zero energy bills and zero carbon emissions.

Coming soon


We will cover 50% of the cost for 20 'Whole Home Retrofit Plans’ for households in Sesley and Sidlesham

Partnering with the National Energy Foundation (NEF), an independent charity, we can provide subsidised retrofit surveys to help local households understand how to make their homes cosier, healthier, and more energy efficient! Carried out by an expertly trained Retrofit Consultant, plans cost around £550+ VAT per house so you will need to contribute £275 + VAT. 

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