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Chromes to homes

More than £5,000 was provided to The Academy, Selsey to support home learning during the Coronavirus pandemic


The recent pandemic has been a very testing time for the whole community, highlighting more than ever, the importance of working together and through the gift of technology, £3,400 from our Coronavirus Crisis Fund enabled secondary school pupils at The Academy - Selsey, to keep right up to date with their learning during lockdown.

Whilst the ten Chromebooks went home with the most disadvantaged pupils, an additional £1,500 of funding provided access to an electronic reading library full of books for the schools 430 pupils supporting the core subject of English.

“Anyone who works in Education will tell you how important it is to look after the pennies because there are never enough of them! To work in partnership with such a great local sponsor has been a privilege and we are beyond grateful that our students have been given the opportunity to utilise such resources that would normally be too expensive for us to afford within our limited school budget. Thank you!”

Frances Carver, Business Manager The Academy, Selsey


The Ferry Farm community solar farm is located just north of the town of Selsey in West Sussex and straddles the parishes of Selsey and Sidlesham, which are the community it serves.

Created in 2016, our 5 megawatt community solar farm is made up of around 19,000 solar panels which, to date, have generated 5,400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity from the sun. That is enough to power the equivalent of 1,300 homes every year!

Surplus income generated by the solar farm, after operating and finance costs and reserves, is used to support Ferry Farm Community Solar’s community purpose and since 2016 we have provided over £85,000 of funding to support community projects.

We expect to generate at least £2million over the solar farm’s 30 year operating life to support local community initiatives.


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