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Cross party commitment needed to tackle fuel poverty

Parties competing this election should commit to work together to end fuel poverty, according to National Energy Action (NEA).

As we head to the first winter election in living memory, NEA, reminded candidates that 11,400 people die every year from living in homes that are too cold.

Government figures suggest just over one in ten English homes are in fuel poverty. A household is in fuel poverty when the fuel costs of heating it are above average and meeting those costs would plunge the household below the poverty line. The amount of homes suffering this condition has remained relatively the same since 2003, according to figures from the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The next government should commit to certain actions to end fuel poverty. Doing so would improve the lives of individuals and families’ lives, as well as reduce stress on the NHS, reduce carbon emissions and boost the economy.

NEA has launched its Manifesto for Warmth with the following points:

- Maintain existing cross-party commitments to end fuel poverty

- Commit to a ‘net zero fuel poverty challenge fund’

- Designate domestic energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority.

- Extend and expand the Warm Home Discount scheme.

- Boost incomes and address in-work poverty.


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