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Two Years Running: Our Continued Support for Energy Advisory Services

For the second year in a row, we are proudly supporting an energy advisory service led by Selsey Money Support. We are also excited to announce our new partnership with the National Energy Foundation as part of their 'Better Homes, Better Health' initiative'.

This collaborative effort focuses on an energy advisory program facilitated by Selsey Money Support and the National Energy Foundation (NEF). Its primary goal is to assist local households in relieving financial burdens related to energy bills, resolving disputes with energy providers, and financing sustainable energy efficiency projects that can have a significant and lasting impact on people's lives.

NEF's Home Energy Assistance and Services:

From November 6th here's an overview of what NEF can offer households in Selsey and Sidlesham:

  • Switching and Home Energy Advice: To help you understand bills, consumption changes, and provide energy-saving tips

  • Access to Trust Funds: Many energy suppliers offer hardship funds with eligibility criteria. NEF help residents apply, either independently or with Project Officers' support.

  • Warm Home Discount: Ensuring eligible residents receive this valuable discount.

  • Emergency Fuel Voucher: Providing £49 worth of vouchers for residents with prepayment meters and less than £10 of credit on their meters.

  • Free Home Energy Visit: Personalised visits to identify energy issues. Starting in the third week of November, NEF will offer 2-4 weekly home energy visits for personalised assistance in identifying and addressing energy issues. This is particularly helpful for those who prefer face-to-face support.

  • Referral for Grants: Support for insulation and boiler replacements.

  • Signposted to Superhomes: For those interested in energy efficiency measures and NEF’s retrofitting network.

  • Fire Safety Visit Referral: Ensuring safety from potential fire hazards.

  • Small Measures Grant: Grants for winter items up to £300.

If you live in Selsey or Sidlesham we encourage you to explore the resources and services offered by Selsey Money Support and the National Energy Foundation. Visit the Selsey Community Forum to learn more about how Selsey Money Support can help local residents. To dive deeper into the 'Better Homes, Better Health' initiative and to understand the journey, you can access additional information below.

Customer Journey Better Homes Better Health
Download PDF • 54KB
List of Interventions Better Homes Better Health
Download PDF • 579KB


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