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9 Organisations in Selsey gain local grant fund

In January 2023, Ferry Farm Community Solar were able to donate small grants to 9 local organisations with community-driven and environmentally-focused projects. The beneficiaries of the award included wildlife charities, community organisations and local support services. Funding was awarded to projects such as community gardens, donating to community food hubs, supporting nature and conservation education, and sewing flowers in the local area.

Organisations receiving awards were:


Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust,

Selsey Employment Services,

East Beach Walk Management,

Selsey Befriending Services,

Sidlesham Community Association,

Good Morning Call Selsey,

Youth Dream Selsey

and Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group.

Donna Martin, of UKHarvest, thanked Ferry Farm and explained

“With the help of the Ferry Farm funding, we have been able increase the quantity of food rescued otherwise destined for landfill. We have been able to supply this to those most in need within the community via our community food hub, directly reducing the environmental impact. Currently, we are providing approx. 750kgs of rescued food into Selsey every week!”

Volunteers from UKHarvest reclaim fresh fruit and vegetables to redistribute in the local community.

Meanwhile, other projects united members of the community who may otherwise find themselves isolated or in need. Funded projects included supporting Grow Selsey’s local Tea Garden (which runs every Thursday, 2pm at The Bridge). Selsey Employment’s support for disabled youth, where the students have been learning practical life skills, how to grow your own food and nurture a garden. Sue of Selsey Employment thanked Ferry Farm, saying

“The young people continue to thrive in this environment by learning new skills and enjoying social inclusion”.

From left to right: Selsey Employment runs gardening class for students with disabilities, Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust provide conservation classes for schools in the area and 'Tea Garden' hosted for elderly members of the community.

Ferry Farm Community Solar have an open grant fund which supports local projects which fall under the following themes: Energy, Environmental Education, Climate Change Readiness and Wildlife. If you have a project, or know of someone who does, you can apply to the fund today. They operate as a Community Interest Company that own and run a solar farm between Selsey and Sidlesham. The solar array generates 5.14 million kWh of electricity every year, providing enough energy to power 1,300 homes.


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