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Tickets out now: World Ocean Day Film Night

Updated: May 10

Join us for a fun film night and Q&A session celebrating World Ocean Day with the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project. Mark your calendars for June 13th at the Selsey Centre, for a night celebrating our beautiful oceans!

See how our funds have been put to work, dive into the story beneath the waves, and hear from conservationists about the recovery! Claim your free ticket here.

Film: 7.00pm- 7.45pm

Screening the BBC documentary ‘Our Lives: Our Sea Forest’ which tells the moving story of how a once thriving underwater forest, home to a multitude of different sea creatures, was lost and its slow road to recovery. Told through the eyes of Eric Smith, a 74-year-old free diver, who’s been diving in Sussex since he was 11 years old, we see how a once thriving ecosystem was destroyed by trawling.

But, in 2021, a landmark ruling protected over 300 sq. kilometres of seabed. Filmed over three years, Our Sea Forest includes remarkable scenes as Eric dives with giant 40-pound sting rays, witnesses the mussel beds return, and rare seabream breeding on the seabed again.

Q&A with Sussex Kelp Restoration Project experts: 8pm-8.30pm

Following the film, join us for a Q&A session with SKRP experts from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Get insights into the importance of kelp forest restoration and the preservation of vital fish habitats along the Sussex coast.

Ferry Farm Community Solar: Empowering the Sussex's Kelp Restoration Projects Efforts

Ferry Farm Community Solar are a not-for-profit community enterprise that owns a community solar array just outside of Selsey. We use surplus incomes from the solar farm to support community projects in Selsey and Sidlesham with a positive social and environmental impact! One organisation we proudly support is the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project (SKRP).

We have provided funding to SKRP over the last two years to further their mission, which is focused on the restoration of kelp forests and the preservation of fish habitats along the Sussex coast! As we enter our third year of supporting this project, we're thrilled to host a film night showcasing the project's remarkable impact and how our funds have been put to work!


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